Sunday, April 22, 2007


So this is my first post and it's probably going to be a little awkward but that's pretty standard for me.
Getting it out of the way...Who am I? Why the crap am I blogging? Who wants to read this anyway?

I'm Meredith. I am currently 20 going on 55. I enjoy grocery shopping, crossword puzzles - only the New York Times and only Monday through Wednesday, and scaring myself into thinking I have new illnesses. One of my greatest pleasures in life is overindulging in gummy vites...I am so hardcore I eat about 3 times the recommended dose for children ages 4-8 EVERY DAY!!! My Mom sends me an industrial sized vat of them!!!

Everyone I know is cooler than me, that's why I have this blog to talk about everyone else's cool lives and like I'm cool just because they tolerate my presence. I also just got a new haircut and I am thinking this blog might give it some much needed cred.

See what I mean?

Nobody wants to read this that I know about...maybe some internet pervs... we'll just have to see.

Anyway I am currently coming to you from across the pond- studying in good old Norwich, UK famous for the best shopping outside of London!! Apparently Norwich also used to have a church for every week of the year and a pub for everyday...but that's not true anymore.

I live a life of squalor and a prison like dorm that is currently undergoing construction...
It's the last to be upgraded in the entire school.

Exhibit A: that is a suitcase full of dirty laundry and the requisite bottle of Febreeze

Today I accomplished nothing and that's the way I like it. So I'm done for now.

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raulespinozaramos said...

i think you're cool. for starters try reading 'the darwin awards' by wendy northcutt... of course you can go deeper by reading 'metamorphosis' by kafka. 'illusions' by bach and 'walden' by thoreau are also good.
i'm a doctor turned nurse ha ha that's true. visit my blog - the last frontier. hope to hear from you soon...
ps. like you i also like gummy bears!